Monday, March 25, 2013

Hollywood here we come!

It was just another normal day here on the ranch, the evening was falling, the light was beautiful and I suddenly realized when walking amongst the herd that we have a Hollywood star in our midst. His name is Roper (sure it might need a little adjusting when he becomes famous, but we will always know him as Roper)- he is a donkey... also, that might need something a little more "glamorous" to be considered as one of the prominent stars in Hollywood... but those are details we can work out later. For now, we will start with the head shots to get the ball rolling. 

Take #1: 
Me: "Ok Roper, now SMILE!" 
Roper: "CHEESE!" 
Me: (Silently- "Oh boy, this is gonna take a little work, let's try another...) 

Take #2:
Me: "C'mon Roper, WORK WITH ME HERE! Love the camera, love the camera!"
Roper: "This is my George Clooney face, how is it?" 
Me: (Silently- "Ok, now I am really starting get worried he might never make it to Hollywood)

Take #3: 
Me: "Give me your best look Roper, something that says, Hollywood here I come!" 
Roper: "Uh huh, uh huh, that's the way I like it!!!" 
Me: (Silently- "It's hopeless, one more shot and then I think I'll have better luck with the chickens!) 

Take #4: 
Me: "Ok Roper, now imagine that you are looking into the most beautiful sunset and you are standing on a beautiful beach... errr, I mean desert, and you just saw the most beautiful looking little Jill donkey coming across the horizon... show me what that looks like... and NOW!" 
Roper: "Hey, is that a rabbit over there by the hay pile?"
Me: (Silently- "Oh well, at least we got the shot, let Hollywood deal with him now!!!) 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ranch "Get Together"

Recently, we had a bit of a "Shin-Dig" at the ranch to get together with some of our close friends and neighbors... we had a nice turn-out and everyone enjoyed the festivities! It's always so nice to see a fresh face after a long winter, it sort of lets you know that Spring is on the way! 
Thanks to everyone who came! 

Shot Glasses available for sale in our Ranch Gift Shop! 
Excellent travel souvenirs, they fit so well into your suitcase! 

Home Cut Potato Chips, just one of the many "samples" of the feast we had for the Party! 

Veggies in coffee cans, who woulda' thought? YUM! 

Molly (Wrangler/Ranch Photographer) and Darcy (Ranch Owner) 

Tom and Darcy Carr (Ranch Owners) 

Thomas (Wrangler) and Jacob (Chef and Ranch Maintenance) 

Molly and Thomas (Wranglers) 

Some of our favorite neighbors, Sandy and Monty and Virginia! 

Friends of the Family, David and Michelle 

Tom enjoys light banter with our neighbor, Virginia! 

Tom and the "Girls" 
Darcy, Michelle and Jennifer 

Deep in Convo... probably about horses... imagine that! 

Brad (Wrangler) 

Brad's Grandparents 

Jennifer (Secretary) and Greg with their Granddaughter