Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter on the Ranch

Icicles form right outside the edge of the tack room, making for a dangerous entry and exit to saddle horses... think I might take the day off from riding if I risk getting one of these on top of my head!

One of my favorite views of the ranch, coming down the driveway. We've since been covered up with snow since this little storm! But a beautiful scene nonetheless!

Pansy, one of the resident Ranch Dogs here at CCC, she LOVES to play with snow when you shovel a pile her way!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Quirt Hunt, man of many talents!

National Western Stock Show Rodeo, January 2013

A friend of Colorado Cattle Company, Quirt Hunt, recently was down in Denver, Colorado at the National Western Stock Show fighting bulls. 
Apparently, much to our surprise, Quirt has been fighting bulls at rodeos for many years! 
He is the bullfighter in the video, and pictured below in the red and white striped shirt. 
We know Quirt more for his abilities as a teamster. We purchased our Haflinger team from him, and he did a wonderful job training them. But, every once in a while, it's nice to get out of the "office", right Quirt? I guess the rest of us just aren't quite as BOLD as he is when he leaves his office! 

Quirt (red and white stripes) and fellow bullfighter, waiting for the bullfighting to begin. Quirt got us "back row" seats, right behind the bucking chutes, to enjoy the rodeo! 
The seats were awesome, thanks Quirt! 

Vernon, (above), half of our team of Haflingers that we purchased from Quirt Hunt. Miles, not pictured, is the other half of the team. Quirt did such a wonderful job training this team that we plan on using Miles and Vernon this season to have an authentic horse drawn hay wagon ride! 
Vernon may also be offered during the season for private driving lessons, this idea is still pending... but this is his latest "rig." Great for Sunday drives! 

Tilling the soil....

Here on the ranch, it's not just about riding horses. There are lots of other "projects" that have to get done or be maintained on a regular basis so that we can continue to enjoy the beauty of our facilities. 
Running a set of disks and a harrow over the arena at least once a week is one of these tasks. 
Thomas (Wrangler) takes great pride in keeping the indoor arena in "tip top" shape, especially over the winter months since it's always our back-up to riding outdoors in the wind and snow! 

It can take up to one hour or more to get all of the "dips" out of the sand. 
The goal is to create a soft and even riding surface that is enjoyable for both rider and horse!  

One of the "prettiest" pieces of dirt on the ranch. 
And, did I mention it smells delightful too? Really, haven't you ever smelled fresh tilled dirt?
I guess you have to be a country girl to love that smell!  

Making the rounds, this is a harrow, also sometimes called a "rake." After the soil has been tilled with a set of metal disks, we hook up the harrow to smooth the surface.  

The finished product! 
Now, who shall we ride first???