From Dogs and Cats to Porcupines and Antelope! 
(Keep checking for updates as "sightings" occur!) 

Frank, named for "Frank Sinatra," because of his blue eyes, is Tom's constant companion and shadow. 
He loves to cuddle up on the couch, and boy, when you start the Polaris or Gator, you better be ready for Frank to tag along. He's our fastest runner on the ranch, perhaps even faster than some of our horses. We've clocked him at speeds of 30 mph on a straight, flat out run! 


As you can see, Toby is sometimes the comic relief here on the ranch. He is a big ol' sweet boy, loves treats and to play ball. His other favorite daily activity is to take a run next to the Polaris. Always full of energy and funny antics, he's always ready for the next adventure. Just a pup, only 3 years old, he is bigger than all the other dogs here, and almost as big as one of our ponies, Elmo! 

No Ranch is complete without a "herd" of cats. We have our fair share! 
They are all friendly and LOVE to prowl the ranch for mice!


Our "Celebrity Calf" on the ranch, Forrest was adopted by some guests on the week of his birth.
They fell in love with our tiny little guy and he still remains our smallest calf from last year, though the size of his tummy can rival his friend pictured below, "Bubba!"