5 year old, Blue Roan Filly. Not yet part of the "Dude String,"
but is currently in training.
She is the true "Princess" of the herd, with a lovable personality, 
and she is the most elegant girl on the ranch! 

Marvin began his career as Darcy's personal horse before they owned the ranch. He is now part of the dude string and is one of the most laid back horses on the ranch. Marvin wants to come back in his next life as a surfer dude in California! 

Elmo definitely has the "pony mentality"- he LOVES to GO GO GO and is full of spunk.
He is the smallest of all our horses, hence, he is a pony, but his personality is big enough to make up for it!


A lovely "painted lady," with lots of forward motion! 
She holds the record for some of the tiniest feet on the ranch! 
Born in North Platte Nebraska, JR was already part of the CCC Herd when Tom and Darcy purchased the ranch. He's a true "cow pony!"

Dillon is a new addition to the ranch, we are excited to see how he does this season! He is a beautiful bucksin who LOVES to play in the pasture with all the horses! He has adapted well to being part of the family!

Miles (left) and Vernon (right) are a team of Haflinger horses that are broke to drive hay wagons and carts! They are miniature draft horses, also sometimes considered ponies. They are also new additions to the ranch and are in training to be our official hay wagon team for the upcoming season. Vernon is also trained to ride and is SO powerful at the trot that you better have velcro on your thighs if you want to stay on. Miles is perhaps one of the sweetest horses in the herd with a very special personality. He has only one eye and is very cautious, but also very playful and he has adpated well to his "handicap." They are quite the comical team and can't wait to pull our guests around on a hay ride!

Another one of our "pretty girls" here on the ranch, this beautiful sorrel mare is 15 years old and is in training right now. She has been working beautifully and is perfecting the art of the "rollback" right now. In no time, she'll be chasing and roping cows!

Snitch (left) is one of our smaller horses, he is totally charming and cowy, he is a pleasure to ride. He's absolutely adorable and easy to pick out in the herd, he has a "bald" white face and four white socks. Smokey (right) is a regal black gelding with a calm personality, not much rattles him. He is a great horse with a big heart and he loves chasing cows on the open range.

A tall drink of water with a girl's name, but don't let that fool ya! Once our guests ride this guy, it's hard to get them to try out any other horses! Marked on the forehead with a gleaming white star and the color of sorrel, he isn't one of the stand out's in the herd, but man, can he get them cows!

Nicknamed "Barbie" because of his adorable and cuddly personality, this guy is a rock of power. Having recently come back from training, his work to become part of the string continues. He can lope up the indoor arena in about 3 strides and is just a big teddy bear. His best friend is Duchess and they are always the first horses to come to you in the pasture. His color is unique, we call him a bucksin roan and because we think he is part draft horse, he has an interesting "zebra" stripe pattern on his legs!

Remi is around 9 years old and his favorite pastime is "spinning" holes into the ground. It's rumored that he was a spinning and reining champion back in his day. He gets regular chiropractic care for his spine, so we keep a close eye on him and he may not be ridden on a regular basis, but when 
he is, watch out, he's well trained and easy to get along with- both in the saddle and on the ground!