Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring WAS here, but it's gone away already!!!!

With just 4 weeks left until the beginning of guest season, we are all left wondering around here if the guests are going to have to "shovel" their way out of their cabins come May 5.... 
Here are a few VERY recent scenes from around the ranch, 
after our latest "SPRING STORM!" 

The cows are making a pilgrimage to the hay pile and water tank... notice the drifts against the fence... probably about 5' tall....  

This one pretty much sums it up for me right now... "Welcome to the Ranch!"

For those of you who have been here before, you might recognize this spot?
It's the sliding door into our tack room and the hitching post where we saddle up!
Sleigh rides anyone?

What you might not know is that the staff on the ranch live here in the barn. There are 3 possible doors into the staff quarters areas, and ALL of them were snowed in like this... we literally had to dig our way out that morning. This is the HUGE door to the indoor arena, probably a 4' drift here.

We gave this guy a "day off" to defrost. He just wasn't performing up to par after the storm...

We moved the vehicles under the lean-to for shelter from the hail, little did we know, we would need shelter from the blizzard. Anyone want to come and help shovel them out? (And, yes, by the way, since ALL the vehicles are snowed in, it means we haven't left the ranch- we have a little bit of cabin fever going on here!!!!)

And lastly, just for your enjoyment, we don't want anyone to think that a little snow would dampen our spirits around here... we still have out all the SUMMER furniture sitting on all the porches, ready for you to come and visit and relax.... but a word to the wise- bring a cup of hot chocolate and some mittens!

Ta-ta for now! Off to shovel some snow!