Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Working Cattle Ranch.... you betcha'!

This is the opening scene at the ranch each morning as one of the wranglers gathers the horses from the pasture to bring them down into the catch corrals for the day. This tiny spec on the horizon happens to be Isaac Lanning, one of the wranglers of the ranch. Guests have particularly enjoyed seeing the horses rushing into the corrals each morning, they are so full of spunk and personality... and they're hungry!!! 
They are eating breakfast at the same time the guests are eating, so right after breakfast, everyone is ready to go for the day!

"The Parade of Ponies"
(as we like to call it here on the ranch!) 

One of our guests assists Isaac in treating a little calf that was "under the weather." We get a lot of calves that travel to the ranch and get stressed from the trip and end up feeling a little "crummy," so we pay special attention to these babies and get them fixed up right away so they can go on nursing and playing in the pasture with their buddies! 

Sorting cattle to get them into the correct pastures... the guests are a great help in this department, and they are such quick learners. It's such a nice environment when you are able to work cattle on a safe horse in a confined area, there's no better way to learn how to control your horse and how to push a cow!  

Thomas Zrocke, Head Wrangler, looking over the herd and the guests... Dillon, his little Buckskin Horse is quite the cattle horse! And we all think he's awfully photogenic around here... (the horse that is!)  

One of our guests learning to rope off horseback. She came from Holland with absolutely NO roping skills and was roping by the end of the week.... way to go Judith!  

Always time for a laugh around here. This is a little "water tank gossip" going around! Silly horses! 

You get that cow girl!!! All the baby calves that arrive on the ranch are branded on site and treated with their annual vaccines to keep them nice and healthy! One of the guests favorite days of the week! 

"I'm gonna catch me a calf..." 

YEEHAW!!! From the Guests of Colorado Cattle Company!!! 
Hope to see you here soon!