Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Girl Scouts on The Ranch

In October 2013, Girl Scout Troop 3289 from Arvada, CO came out to the Ranch for an overnight.  The girls came out to earn a horse badge.  To earn the badge, they had to learn many things.  They started Friday night with a horse themed movie.  The girls enjoyed the movie Flicka.  Our own Jacob watched the movie with the girls and, you might say, "cried like a girl" during it, as well.

The next morning, the girls met up with Isaac who taught the girls the names of all the parts of the horse.  Then, they went outside and started with mucking stalls.
Mucking Stalls
After getting the stalls pretty clean and dumping what was scooped up, it was on to the Indoor Arena.
First, they brushed the horses.

Then Isaac and Scotty taught them how to saddle a horse as well as about the saddle itself.

Finally, each girl took turns riding one of the two horses brought up to teach the girls.

Isaac and Scotty also brought out the ropes and taught them the proper way to rope.  They had a good time trying to "catch" the steer or each other and paused long enough for a picture.

The girls of Troop 3289 learned a lot about horse basic during their trip, but also had a wonderful time.  They hope they'll be able to come up again.